Working with Red Clay

Once we have identified a company that fits our criteria we follow a predictable pattern of next steps.


Develop a hypothesis regarding a path to value creation.
Determine a fair range of value and structure for the transaction.
Deal structure will determine the mix of debt, equity and seller financing required to complete the deal. Steps will be taken to quickly coalesce the capital needed and agree to terms acceptable to all parties.
Perform company and industry specific due diligence to confirm hypothesis and develop an operating plan.


A successful deal can only be determined once it is closed.
We develop a growth strategy and operating plan with company management,  and mutually establish  a timeline for implementation.
Our hands on philosophy requires that our operating principals take an active role in the company, adding support for the management team where the most value can be created.
Early emphasis is placed on financial reporting and operational controls that can contribute to managing the business for growth.


Growth can be achieved through organic means and by making appropriate add-on acquisitions.
The operating plan will spell out an approach for business growth that involves the partnership of Red Clay and the management team to pursue opportunities for business development and continuous operating improvement.
The acquisition of synergistic businesses can also be a strategy for growth, and will be employed when appropriate to drive value-added company growth.


The value that is created by Red Clay and the management team will result in additional opportunities for the business to continue to develop.
Our objective is to build a portfolio of businesses that are recognized as leaders in their business niche’s.
Red Clay and management must share a collective primary goal of increasing value for shareholders, while creating fulfilling professional opportunities for employees and contributing to the communities where we do business.