Hands On Investing

Red Clay believes that partnering with management teams is critical to the success of its investment. However, we want this partnership to extend beyond the boardroom. The controller’s office, the customer’s lobby and the plant floor are the places where value is created; and where appropriate, this is where Red Clay will be.

Our approach is predicated on working alongside existing managers to strengthen management depth, production processes, financial strategy and structure, and sales/business development in support of the Company’s goals.  In addition to direct experiences and resources, we have access to a wide array industry specific expertise and leadership.

Red Clay adds value to its portfolio companies by:

  • Developing strategies to drive material top line growth, operational improvements, improvements in financial management and reporting, and enhanced human resources management
  • Providing introductions to prospective customers and business relationships
  • Identifying executives to join the company in key open positions
  • Investing additional capital for growth and acquisitions
  • Managing relationships with financial institutions and consultants